Piggy Bank Creation

Piggy Bank Beauty Contest entries may measure no more than 12” in width, length or height, and they must be able to hold money (coins and bills). Otherwise, the child’s imagination is the limit.

Please do NOT write the child’s name on any conspicuous surface, so that judging may be fair and unbiased.

Judged categories include:

Funniest Piggy Bank
Prettiest Piggy Bank
Most Creative Piggy Bank
Celebrity Look Alike Theme

Here are some ideas to consider when building a piggy bank:

Possible Materials for the Pig’s Body*:

Coffee Cans with Plastic Lids
Glass Jars (Mason or Spaghetti Sauce, for example)
Paper Plate (Folded and Taped)
Plastic Bottles (soft drinks, water, etc.)
Tissue Boxes
Yogurt Containers
Other container measuring 12”x12”x12” or less
*Punch or cut a slot through the container or its lid to insert coins and/or bills

Additional Materials (Legs, Face, Decorations, etc.):

Construction Paper
Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls
FabricIdaho’s Piggy Bank Beauty Contest
Finger Paint
Fuzz Balls
Markers or Crayons
Pictures or Drawings
Pipe Cleaner
Ribbons & Buttons
Textured Paper

Building Materials:

Glue Stick or Elmer’s Glue
Paint Brushes